Monday, August 29, 2011

..: The Sun was Soo High... So Was I :..

Best Road Trip Ever !!! Thanks to the Hubby :) 

@ Bourbon St.

I Loved it!

Spending some Quality time with Me, Myself & I.

I miss the sun, the beach, the air....

Trying to get some color :)

I was soo red at the end of the day :S

@ Crystal River, FL.

Looking for the Manetees :)


I had a great time this las week... We went to New Orleans, Destin, FL, Panama City, Crystal River and Homosassa....

Ahora de regreso a la realidad and I LOVE IT... Spending the day with the hubby cleanning, cooking, laundry, movies, smoking :) 

Hope you're having a great Monday!

P.S: Thank you all for all your post!!!

Peace & Love.
Jimely Rosas.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

..: HoneyMoon :..

Hi! I just wanted to share some pictures from my Road Trip!

Our fist stop was at New Orleans, LO and then Destin, Florida... Our goal was Miami but there was the hurancan Irene... So we decided to stay safe :)

Crossing River Missisipi!

On our way to New Orleans, LO.

Dowtown @ New Orleans, LO.

The view from the Hotel @ NO, LO.

Bourbon ST. New Orleans.

Excellent Street!!!! :)


A dancer getting of work...

The Gallery where we got our fist cartoon picture!!! I Loved it :)

My Favorite!! :)

Spendind the day @ Destin, Florida!

I was soo RED at the end of the day :S

I really needed to get away and have some quality time with the hubby!!!

Thank you for all your posts!!!

Keep having a great week!

Peace & Love.

Jimelyu Rosas.