Wednesday, September 28, 2011

..: The Beginning Of My Weight Loss Journey :..

Im in soo much pain of working out the last 2 days :S

But like they said No Pain No gain :)

Weight: 195 Lbs. 
(I know Im obesse :S)

My Goal: 135 / 140!!!!

Im doing Cardio (3 miles) & im taking Hip Hop classes I love it!!! :)
Im drinking a lot of water and no food for me after 7 :S

These are my 2 first days i know i have a long way ahead but im happy with my decision and i really needed to do something about my weight.

If you have diets, work outs or anything else that can help me Im down to try anything :)

Than you for all your comments :) & keep having an amazing week!

Peace & Love.

Jimely Rosas.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

..: Real Woman Real Curves :..

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday :)

I just wanted to share with you all that i signed up for a membership @ LA FITNESS!! Im soo excited, soo tomorrow is gonna be my first day :)

I respect all woman sizes, but i know that even if i eat healthy & work out every day i will be curvy all my life, so i just want to feel good about my weight and be more confident, cause i love fashion and we all know that some clothes just dont go with curvy woman, so i wanna feel good and look amzing in everything i wear :) 

I want to share these pictures with you all, they look soo pretty & stylish, dont you think soo???

Tomorro i'll post about my weight, my routine and
all the process of getting fit & healthy!

Peace & Love.

Jimely Rosas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

..: 1st Stop: BOULDER, CL :..

Sorry for the lack of post on my blog... 
We took a week off to go to Denver, Boulder & Lake City, Colorado.

It was a great Road Trip... Like 16 hours :S but i really enjoyed :)

I want to share some pictures with you all.
Hope you like it.

Me :)

A great Afternoon.

Roman (chucky), Cristian (bro in law, chucky hater) and the las handsome man is my hubby :)

There is a lot of trails to ride :)

We were lost at some point trying to find the Dowtown...

The weather was amazing and really this town has a lot of trails to ride :) 

I wish we have the same at DFW :(

Me :)

" Free Hugs " I loved it!


There were a lot of Bikes everywhere, even in the Hotel that we stay we can used a free one all day!!!

Original Music, Great Music!

In this town  the People care for the people.

I love hippie towns :)

Me :)

On our way to Lake City, Colorado!!

Guess who came to the Road Trip???

This is my dolphin, is special for me because the hubbu won it in one of the coins machine, nothing fancy or expensive but it was the first one after our wedding :)

Thank you for all your posts :) I love to read every comment :) 
Im really sorry for the lack of post but with the Road Trips i have been busy :S

When i decided to start the blog i promissed to myself that i will keep posting every day, well maybe not every day but i promisse more often than these past days :)

I feel soo refreshing after these past Road Trip, the views were amazing, the weather soo perfect and im really happy to had the  opportunity to spend some quality time with the hubby. 

Soo im gonna use all these energy to put myself together, im gonna start (again) rhe gym and to try to eat healthy :) Wish me Luck :)

Peace & Love.

Jimely Rosas.

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Smoking is the only thing that keeps me balanced."

I can't get enoug of SATC, don't judge me just God can do it.

 Nothing new just another bored week, i really need to change that, i need to do something different than just work, home,stores... I need to start a new routine.

Well im gonna start after week cause we are leaving to Denver, CL 1 week off the world!!!I called it HoneyMoon II LoL

Can i keep saying that every road trip with the hubby is a honeymoon?????? 

See soon :) 

Peace & Love.

Jimely Rosas.