Sunday, November 13, 2011

..: Sometimes Love Comes Around...

I never tough i could miss Fort Worth soo much :S

Saturday Nigth was Ladies Night Out a friend of my roomie spent all last week with us, it feels great to have a girl around the house :) Thank God we like each other, she is soo nice... So she invited me to go out with some of her friends... 

The plan was to gout have some drinks dance all night... Just to have fun! 
But at the end of the nigh 2 of her friends were soo drunk :S and someone at the restroom stole the truck's keys from the girl who was driving............................

Mi friend Caren she was taking care of the 2 girls who wera drunk, the girl who was driving went back to the club to look for the key & me i was at the parking lot next to the truck just waiting for the girl to bring the keys... Soo when i was at the parking lot someone put the alarm to the truck soo i was waiting to see the girls coming with the keys... rigth? But no no one appeared :S Soo i think that they were trying to stole the truck... That was this mornign @ 3:00 AM.... Soo the girl called her brother to bring her other keys.... It was almost 4 and her brother havent called us back so she called him and he was saying that he didnt find the keys.... Soo we decided to called her brother to picke her up soo she can go back to her house to find her keys..... But she didnt :S soo she called LockSmith a service to help you to open your car when you let your keys inside of it and to take her truck to the agency.... They say someone will be there in a minutes.... It was 5 oclock and they didnt come,,, So she call them and they someone was outside waiting for us.... But my friend didnt told them that the truck was inside of a parking lot and they dont fit to tow away the truck soo they said they will send somebody else with a smaller truck .... But they said theres was nobody working at the time and that we nned to wait 1 or 2 hours more.... :S

At the end we made to Fort Worth it was 8:00 AM when i was parking outside of my house :S 

Thank God nothing bigger happened :) And i really had a great night with the girl :)

Hope you had a better weekend :) 

 Blouse & Skirt: NYC

 Caren, Sara & Wendy

 @ the elevator!

@ the restroom.... One of them felt down on the dance floor...

 Using my LITAS excellent option for a Dance Night!

 Make Up of the Night.

 A Marine came to check if we need some help... But he didnt even know where he parked his car...

 Waiting, waiting & waiting :S

 It was like 7:00 AM and we were still in Dallas.... 40 minutes from home :S
I was soo cold, tired and sleppy :S

 I was that time of the morning when you stil can see the moon :)

I think everything happens for a reason... I know We spent all night in a parking lot but maybe somehting worse could happened to us on our way back home idk (i dont know) ijs.... (im just saying)

I slept 'till 3:00 pm i woke up and the hubby made pancakes for me :) I had a Super Relax Sunday!

Thanks for all your comments i love to know what you think of my Blog :)

Now time to watch a movie.

Peace & Love. 
Jimely Rosas.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

..: Rainy Tuesday :..

New In!!

My JLO 's Cover... She still got it! Love her :)

And Finally My "LITAS" by JC suede boots are Here!!!

So excited... I have been stalker thes boot since..... i dont even remeber!

Im so happy  one less on My Wish List!!

They are more than i expected :)

I was soo ready to thry them On!!

They were born to Walk!!! They are soo comfortable :)

Totalmente Recomendadas!!!

Now time to watch The Green Lanter!! 

Have a Great Night!

Thank You for all your comments!!

Peace & Love.
Jimely Rosas.

Friday, November 4, 2011

..: Me, Myself & I :..

Good COLD Morning!! :)

I would like to make a little introduction about myself, hope you dont mind that im doing it a little late but like they say: its never too late....

Im a Mexican Girl living in Fort Worth, Texas. I love Fashion since.... ufff i dont even remember, but since i was a little girl i was soo curvy and petite and the Fashion Industrie  has change soo much since then...

I would love to work as a Stylist, Personal Fashion Shopper, XL Model, photographer... I want to influence fashion in some way cause  we are living in a totally New Fashion Era :) Theres space for all type of styles!! :)

Im so in Love with the Fashion, everything started mmm.... a long time agooo.... I used to have a fotolog, its something like a myspace, then  found a girl: Joliiie and then thanks to her i found a lot of fotologs that are fans of the olsen, lohan, kate moss and a lot of more inspiration females but at that time i didnt have idea about the blogspot until one time Joliiie stoped using her fotolog cause she decided to start using just blogspot thats when i found the most famous blog ever: fashiontoast OMG after that i found more and more and more Fashion blogs: Karlas Closet, Chic Heroin, Dulceida , Amlul, Fashion Bananas, ChicMuse, Blood Lust, etc.... Its have been like 5 or even 6 years and since then im one of those girls whos looking for fab fashion blogs :)  .... I compared myself to them and to be honest i didnt have the balls to create one myself :(

But now i did it and i love it! Im still looking for my own style, but im one of those persons who thinks every day its a new opportunity to work on your style :)

Im a big Fan of SATC!

One of my goals right now its to loosee some weight no just for the fashion but actually more for my health!!! I want to be Fit & Healthy!!

I wanted to share some old and new pictures of me :) so you can know me better!

I used to have my hair dark... Now i have highlights, but i wanna try some red or just go back to black.....

Any ideas ????

Dress: Macys, Shoes: Jessica Simpson. 

Shoes: Bakers, Jeans: Old Navy, Blouse: INC

Sunnies: Ray Ban Aviators

On my way to..... IDK... :S

Peace & Love!

Cake for my Bacholerette Part!

Dress: Adrianna Papell

You can see I LOVE SHOESSSS :)

We like to do interesting things on the weekends!!

@ Oklahoma! on the Racer!!! Soo much fun... :)

My X Roomieee & Me !!

Celebrating my Roomie BIG 30!!!! :)

The theme for y Bacholerette Party was:

JIMELY & THE CITY!!! the invitations were fab!! thanks to the hubby :) and mi sis in law !!

 One more surprise from the Hubby.... The Limo with Pole included LOL

And for the Big Day he made a special request for the Cake!!!

I Locved it!!!!!!!

From Hubby To Me :)

Did i say that i love SATC!!!??? lol

My idea of this blog is to have this be a photo journal including, style, beauty, events, food, music, and more. I want to have a space  to put all of the things I am interested in and love in one place.

I hope this introduction gives you a better idea of my purpose, and I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy posting!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Peace & Love.

Jimely Rosas.