Friday, August 5, 2011

..: TGIF :..

Hello! TGIF but hubby is out of town :S So am going to spend the night watching SATC from the beggining!!! :) 

This is ME today.
As you can see my face is soo Big...

So i decided to take these pictures:

So im going to start doing some cardio and also to start eathing healthy!!
OMG im soo Big...

I need Help!! 

So i decided to start TODAY!!!! :)

Wish me Luck!!! 

Have an excellent weekend, and thank you all the blogers who commented on mi 1st post.

Peace  Love.
JimRoss :)


  1. How can I make my picures bigger???? Please Help me ! :S

  2. Para hacerlas grandes, basta con pinchar encima cuando las subes y te apara rece: pequeña, medina, grande, extra grande, entonces eliges que tamaño prefieres :D
    Me alegro de que pudieses comentar en mi blog, espero que te pases a menudo!

    Un beso maja

  3. Good luck! Maybe try a juice fast for a week, it works wonders!

    The Pink Monocle