Friday, November 4, 2011

..: Me, Myself & I :..

Good COLD Morning!! :)

I would like to make a little introduction about myself, hope you dont mind that im doing it a little late but like they say: its never too late....

Im a Mexican Girl living in Fort Worth, Texas. I love Fashion since.... ufff i dont even remember, but since i was a little girl i was soo curvy and petite and the Fashion Industrie  has change soo much since then...

I would love to work as a Stylist, Personal Fashion Shopper, XL Model, photographer... I want to influence fashion in some way cause  we are living in a totally New Fashion Era :) Theres space for all type of styles!! :)

Im so in Love with the Fashion, everything started mmm.... a long time agooo.... I used to have a fotolog, its something like a myspace, then  found a girl: Joliiie and then thanks to her i found a lot of fotologs that are fans of the olsen, lohan, kate moss and a lot of more inspiration females but at that time i didnt have idea about the blogspot until one time Joliiie stoped using her fotolog cause she decided to start using just blogspot thats when i found the most famous blog ever: fashiontoast OMG after that i found more and more and more Fashion blogs: Karlas Closet, Chic Heroin, Dulceida , Amlul, Fashion Bananas, ChicMuse, Blood Lust, etc.... Its have been like 5 or even 6 years and since then im one of those girls whos looking for fab fashion blogs :)  .... I compared myself to them and to be honest i didnt have the balls to create one myself :(

But now i did it and i love it! Im still looking for my own style, but im one of those persons who thinks every day its a new opportunity to work on your style :)

Im a big Fan of SATC!

One of my goals right now its to loosee some weight no just for the fashion but actually more for my health!!! I want to be Fit & Healthy!!

I wanted to share some old and new pictures of me :) so you can know me better!

I used to have my hair dark... Now i have highlights, but i wanna try some red or just go back to black.....

Any ideas ????

Dress: Macys, Shoes: Jessica Simpson. 

Shoes: Bakers, Jeans: Old Navy, Blouse: INC

Sunnies: Ray Ban Aviators

On my way to..... IDK... :S

Peace & Love!

Cake for my Bacholerette Part!

Dress: Adrianna Papell

You can see I LOVE SHOESSSS :)

We like to do interesting things on the weekends!!

@ Oklahoma! on the Racer!!! Soo much fun... :)

My X Roomieee & Me !!

Celebrating my Roomie BIG 30!!!! :)

The theme for y Bacholerette Party was:

JIMELY & THE CITY!!! the invitations were fab!! thanks to the hubby :) and mi sis in law !!

 One more surprise from the Hubby.... The Limo with Pole included LOL

And for the Big Day he made a special request for the Cake!!!

I Locved it!!!!!!!

From Hubby To Me :)

Did i say that i love SATC!!!??? lol

My idea of this blog is to have this be a photo journal including, style, beauty, events, food, music, and more. I want to have a space  to put all of the things I am interested in and love in one place.

I hope this introduction gives you a better idea of my purpose, and I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy posting!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Peace & Love.

Jimely Rosas.


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