Sunday, November 13, 2011

..: Sometimes Love Comes Around...

I never tough i could miss Fort Worth soo much :S

Saturday Nigth was Ladies Night Out a friend of my roomie spent all last week with us, it feels great to have a girl around the house :) Thank God we like each other, she is soo nice... So she invited me to go out with some of her friends... 

The plan was to gout have some drinks dance all night... Just to have fun! 
But at the end of the nigh 2 of her friends were soo drunk :S and someone at the restroom stole the truck's keys from the girl who was driving............................

Mi friend Caren she was taking care of the 2 girls who wera drunk, the girl who was driving went back to the club to look for the key & me i was at the parking lot next to the truck just waiting for the girl to bring the keys... Soo when i was at the parking lot someone put the alarm to the truck soo i was waiting to see the girls coming with the keys... rigth? But no no one appeared :S Soo i think that they were trying to stole the truck... That was this mornign @ 3:00 AM.... Soo the girl called her brother to bring her other keys.... It was almost 4 and her brother havent called us back so she called him and he was saying that he didnt find the keys.... Soo we decided to called her brother to picke her up soo she can go back to her house to find her keys..... But she didnt :S soo she called LockSmith a service to help you to open your car when you let your keys inside of it and to take her truck to the agency.... They say someone will be there in a minutes.... It was 5 oclock and they didnt come,,, So she call them and they someone was outside waiting for us.... But my friend didnt told them that the truck was inside of a parking lot and they dont fit to tow away the truck soo they said they will send somebody else with a smaller truck .... But they said theres was nobody working at the time and that we nned to wait 1 or 2 hours more.... :S

At the end we made to Fort Worth it was 8:00 AM when i was parking outside of my house :S 

Thank God nothing bigger happened :) And i really had a great night with the girl :)

Hope you had a better weekend :) 

 Blouse & Skirt: NYC

 Caren, Sara & Wendy

 @ the elevator!

@ the restroom.... One of them felt down on the dance floor...

 Using my LITAS excellent option for a Dance Night!

 Make Up of the Night.

 A Marine came to check if we need some help... But he didnt even know where he parked his car...

 Waiting, waiting & waiting :S

 It was like 7:00 AM and we were still in Dallas.... 40 minutes from home :S
I was soo cold, tired and sleppy :S

 I was that time of the morning when you stil can see the moon :)

I think everything happens for a reason... I know We spent all night in a parking lot but maybe somehting worse could happened to us on our way back home idk (i dont know) ijs.... (im just saying)

I slept 'till 3:00 pm i woke up and the hubby made pancakes for me :) I had a Super Relax Sunday!

Thanks for all your comments i love to know what you think of my Blog :)

Now time to watch a movie.

Peace & Love. 
Jimely Rosas.


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  2. great photos. looks like you had a fun time!
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  3. Looks like you had fun with your pictorials.:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!