Monday, December 5, 2011

..: You Can Do It :..

Thinking on my Wishlist for Christmas & Birthday.... Yeah is coming... Dec, 26th! I will be 26 OMG i dont care about the ageeee its just  that i realized its freaking time to decide what to do with my Life! 

It's never to late start something.... or finish ( in my case) Soo time to go back to school and really enjoy what i will do, also to start improving my Fashion Part of Life!

Just wanted to share some pictures of these past days, hope you're having a great week!

 Decisions, decisions...

 Our 1st Christmas Tree!

 Our 1st Thanksgiving together!

 It has been soo cold in TX that we already started using the chimenea!

 Peace & Love!

 Pretending she is my Personal MakeUp Artist! LoL

 Sunday Funday!

 We love pictures!

 I love my Nana!

 She is my Little niecee :) Her name is Ariana but we call her Nana! She is 5.

 #KArdashianFan I know i know but i love it! I love the idea of Women's Power! Im proud of the women who work who are sucesfull who are businesswoman  the only problem here is that her story is public and its soo much drama...!

 The decision!  (Hello NewBalance FuckNike)

 I was sooo sick a few days ago but i liked cause its when the hubby cook for me hehe :)

 Soo cold!

 Soo my Sisther in law and her hubby chose us to be the goparents for my Niece Alexa Jimena!!! She  is 1... It will be Dec, 18th soo we are checking up some options for her gown!!

 @ Neuman Marcus enjoying the view! LoL

Good Nigth everyone now time to watch 30 minutes or less....

Peace & Love.
Jimely Rosas.

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