Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So many assume, so little know...

If you don't handle IT, IT will handle you!

It's official... Im back to school next May 2012... 
Hope you had a great month (January) and ready to start  a new one..! 
Any ideas for Valentines day???

 On our way to the park.

 @ the park!

Long distance relationship works.Trust. Have faith. Don't cheat. Just love :)

Monday morning received a Visa/Gift Card :)
Great wat yo start my week!

Hope you are having an excellent week too..!

 Necklace OUT..?

 Necklace IN..?

 Camel, Black & White...

 Old Navy boots.

Another winterless day in Texas... #LovingIt


 or without..?

Outfit of the day.

Can't wait to start a fresh new month..! 
Peace & Love,
Jimely Rosas.

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