Sunday, January 15, 2012

..: 1st Week :..

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason why they're the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.

Look of the day #1

 Jeans: Old Navy Belt: Jessica Simpson Sweater: Old Navy

 Felling great in my 1st WorkOut week...!

 Boots: Chinese Laundry

Sunday night and i soo ready for my work out of the day :) I like this new me!! Wish me luck for my next week.... 
The thing that i love about working out @ the house is that i can use hubby's t-shirts over my sport bra..!! Yayyy :)

Sunday night and i missed KKTNY :( i hate being late to watch my fav tv show #KKTNY
Ohhh well i'll watch it tomorrow... 

Hope you're having a great night :)
Now time to wacth some comedy..! LoL

Peace & Love.
Jimely Rosas.

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