Thursday, January 12, 2012

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H O P E = (H)ave (O)nly (P)ositive (E)xpectations

3rd day of my WorkOut routine.... Felling Great! They say that the beggining its the worst part but soo Far soo Good!

The weather in TX its a lil crazy.... LoL Yestard afternoon its was warm soo we decided to go out to the park to do our 2 miles :)

But that wasnt enough for me sooo when i got home i decided to continue with my WorkOut... 1 mile escale and 200 abs.... plus a new machine that the hubby started using i dont know the name :S buttttt i just lay down put my legs in that thing and its start a zig zag .... Im open to try anything that i can burn some extra calories lol

YESTARDAY.... Getting ready to work! :)

I know you all know about the ALLSTARS NBA right? Well if you dont know please click the next link and vote for LAMMAR ODDOM yesss Klhoe Kardashian's hubby!!!

You know im a Kardashian Fan :)

Have a great Thursday Night!
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Peace & Love.
Jimely Rosas.

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